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Short description

Magswitch handling magnets are suitable for picking up both flat and uneven ferromagnetic parts.

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  • Also for non-flat objects
  • For thicknesses from 10 mm
  • Max. lifting power: up to 600 kg
  • Permanent magnet
  • Switching: pneumatic
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Magswitch handling magnets
  • Magswitch handling magnets AR30
  • Magswitch handling magnets AR70
  • Magswitch handling magnets AR1
  • Magswitch handling magnets Play 2

Detailed product description


The pneumatic Magswitch handling magnets are suitable for various end-of-arm applications, particularly for picking up or gripping ferromagnetic work pieces with flat or round surfaces, such as pipes, cylinders, etc.
These handling magnets have a rectangular enclosure with exchangeable pole shoes (optional). This means they can conform to the shape of your product.


Type AR: for smaller objects up to 150 kg. With three possible work surfaces, this product offers maximum flexibility for use in all sorts of robot applications.


Type PLAY: designed for applications requiring stability and strength; ideal for long cylinders, tubes and rough surfaces.


The Magswitch utilizes patented technology in which the magnets are rotated relative to each other. This allows the magnet to be switched on and off. The handling magnet is switched pneumatically. Control is possible via a 5/3 or even a 5/2 valve.


Max. tear off force
Min. advised sheet thickness
Dimension lifting surface


  • pole shoes (for different product shapes)