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Switchable welding magnets

Short description

The switchable welding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are ideal for quickly temporarily holding steel work pieces in any desired position.


  • Switchable magnetic field
  • Max. holding force: 4500 N
  • Magnet produces magnetic field on 3 sides
  • Switching: manual
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Detailed product description


Welding magnets (magnetic holder) are used to temporarily magnetically hold ferromagnetic objects.
Welding, grinding and polishing all often involve a need to hold workpieces in place. Switchable fastening magnets (welding magnets/clamping plates) are a safe and convenient solution.

Despite the powerful magnetic field (in 3 directions) when switched on, no residual magnetism remains after release.


  • manually switchable magnetic field
  • magnet produces magnetic field on 3 sides
  • compact
  • wide range of potential applications
  • maximum holding power: 4500 N


Max. magnet force