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Sheet separators for special applications - 3 mm - 100 mm

Article number TRSP341600
Product key HSS-N-RD-D34-0160-B
Delivery time (if not in stock) 4-6 weeks
Max. sheet thickness 3 mm
Max. stack height 100 mm
Recommended working surface (for clean sheets) 5 dm²
Recommended working surface (for sticky sheets) 3 dm²
Interface/connection dim's Threaded hole M10
Material housing Stainless steel
Min./max. ambient temperature -20 to 60 °C
Magnetic system Permanent Neoflux® magnet
Magnet quality Neodymium GSN-35, Br 11,200 gauss (at 20 °C), Tmax. 80 °C
Diameter 33,6 mm
Height 160 mm
Weight 0,8 kg