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The aviation and aerospace industries are highly technology-driven. Many critical systems in aerospace are based on magnet technology. Goudsmit is AS9120 certified. We provide leading suppliers and manufacturers with innovative magnetic components and assemblies.

Challenges in aerospace

The aviation and aerospace industries are constantly innovating in the areas of sustainability, safety, comfort and reducing costs. Weight reduction is crucial in this regard. Traditional, heavy-duty hydraulic systems are being replaced with new, lightweight, electric drives. This offers solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and lower costs. Magnetic technology plays an important role in this transition and makes it possible to develop new, reliable and efficient systems.

Magnets for aviation and aerospace | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnets for aviation and aerospace

Lightweight magnetic technology with maximum performance

Designing lightweight magnet assemblies with maximum performance is one of the challenges that engineers constantly face. However, magnet applications require specific knowledge and complex magnetic calculations to achieve maximum efficiency. Magnetism is a discipline in its own right because magnetic fields are difficult to simulate and their interaction with other components can cause unforeseen problems. To avoid delays in the development process, it is essential to involve our experts early on.

Magnet assemblies | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnet assemblies

Traceability crucial for safety

Traceability enables aviation and aerospace companies to understand the full history of the magnets they use. From raw material to finished product. We document and stamp every part at every stage of the production process. Should something go wrong, we can quickly and precisely find out where the problem is in the supply chain. In this way, we cover security risks and prevent problems. Finding reliable suppliers who have full traceability in place is therefore essential for the safety and production of aviation components.

Consistent quality determines service life

High quality components are required to meet the life expectancy requirements of approximately 25 years for aircraft. Quality means stability and predictability in the production process. Quality assurance guarantees that the products supplied comply with standards.

Custom magnet components | Goudsmit Magnetics

Custom magnet components

We are happy to use our specialist skills to help you

Goudsmit understands the needs of customers in the aviation and aerospace industries. Designing commercially viable products with low weight, reliable performance, long service life, lower costs and ever increasing efficiency. Whether it’s optimizing an actuator, using magnets for safety systems, making magnetic sensors, or magnets in high-speed generators - Goudsmit Magnetics will support you in the design process with samples, prototypes, designs, specifications and quality assurance, so you meet all aviation and aerospace requirements.

Full mastery of AS9120 processes

The aviation and aerospace industries operate under strict production and quality assurance procedures. First Article Inspection (FAI) is a mandatory part of the detailed verification of production results versus product design, before mass production begins. The goal of FAI is to provide objective evidence that all technical design and specification requirements are thoroughly understood, justified, verified and documented. Goudsmit is AS9120 certified and understands how to execute these processes to create added value in your development process.

Traceability from raw material to finished product

Not only do we document internal processes step by step, but our suppliers also comply with all documentation and traceability requirements. We have all the processes in place to provide you with the right information and documentation at any time. This guarantees you full traceability from raw material to finished product.

Airplane assembly | Goudsmit Magnetics

Airplane assembly

Advanced measuring laboratory guarantees quality of magnetic components

At our measurement laboratory, skilled QA/QC engineers use state-of-the-art measuring equipment, such as a permagraph, Helmholtz coil, CMM measuring equipment and a 3D scanner. This allows us to manage both the magnetic and the mechanical requirements. With especially developed measuring instruments, we can even measure the layer thickness of a coating or the magnetisation angle. We check for critical product characteristics. This assures you that all delivered magnetic components meet the set specifications.

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