Getting metal out of carbon black

Conductive carbon black is a very dry, poorly flowing material that is used for lithium-ion and other batteries. This material can also be used for sealing and insulation materials, rubber, electrodes, paint and coatings.

It is important that carbon black is 100% metal-free, because metal particles in batteries would affect the conductivity. With magnets you guarantee the basic properties of the raw material.

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Continuous process

The production of carbon black is a continuous production process that must not be interrupted. That is why producers of, for example, lithium-ion batteries place two self-cleaning magnets in the production line.

During cleaning, which lasts 20 seconds, the product simply flows through a bypass. This means that at least one magnet is in operation during cleaning and both magnets are in use 99% of the time.

Automatic continuously cleaning - Rotating
magnets for carbon black products

Also for poorly flowing products

These self-cleaning, rotating magnets remove iron particles from 30 µm. The rotating design ensures that the poorly flowing powder does not accumulate on the magnetic bars and they come into better contact with the material, thereby improving the separation rate.

The magnets are intended for installation in free-fall chutes. They comply with the ATEX guidelines and are resistant to a temperature of 70 °C. Higher temperature resistance is optional.

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