Getting metal out of chocolate

Have you noticed that very fine iron or stainless steel particles are present in liquid products during production? Particles so small that a metal detector does not recognise them?

A special magnet can filter particles as small as 30 μm out of liquid chocolate in pressure lines, for example.
This prevents damage claims and product recalls and ensures a high-quality end product.

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Chocolate solidifies

The problem with making chocolate metal-free is that the product can solidify.
The solution is a double-walled magnetic filter in which hot water flows through the outer wall.

This keeps chocolate liquid. The magnetic filter removes iron particles measuring 30 µm and greater from the liquid chocolate.

Industrial - double-walled - manual cleaning
magnetic filter for liquid chocolate

Magnetic filter with sieve

Goudsmit magnetic filters for chocolate contain a sieve that filters out irregularities, such as paper, plastic particles or stones, from the product.

Merging the sieve and magnet saves handling, costs, time and heat loss. An additional benefit is that both the magnetic bars and sieve can be cleaned in a single operation.

Goudsmit makes magnetic filters for chocolate but also for cocoa powder and cocoa beans.

Metal in chocolate flakes

Chocolate chips and granules intended for garnishing cake, biscuits and yoghurt can also contain very small metal particles of less than 1 mm.

We developed a high-gradient magnetic head pulley with a strong magnet roller especially for this type of product.

It also filters weakly magnetic stainless steel particles such as AISI 304 and AISI 316 from end products.See also the latest news item at the bottom of this page.

High-gradient head pulley magnetic separator for food

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