Getting metal out of coatings

When it comes to bodywork, constructions, machines, tanks, wheel rims or bridges, these various products all have one thing in common, and that's a process they undergo during production or maintenance: abrasive grit blasting.

The grit, used time and again, can contain rust particles. A magnet filters these particles out of the blasting material. This extends the lifespan of the grit, and prevents users from spraying dirty parts on clean surfaces.

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Grit blasting

Blasting is a surface treatment of hard materials in which compressed air is used to blast grit against a surface.

This has an abrasive effect and removes rust, paint or other contaminants from steel, non-ferrous metals, asphalt, stony materials and other surfaces.

There are thousands of different blasting agents that can achieve such an effect. Some examples are: sand, ceramic grains, glass bead, coal slag grit, cast iron grit or blasting grit.

Drum separators
magnet for blasting grit

Re-using blasting grit

The used grit can be made suitable for reuse with a magnetic drum separator.

This separates the contaminants, such as paint residue and rust, from the magnetic abrasive.

Companies that blast steel and stainless steel also use these magnets.

They use such magnets to separate the steel blasting grit from the non-steel (e.g. ceramic) grit, making it reusable.

Remove undesired magnetism

However, the steel grit can become slightly magnetised and therefore clog the blasting nozzle.

Then a demagnetizer is used to remove the magnetism from the grit, preventing clumping of the blasting agent.

After the grit has fallen through the demagnetization tunnel, it is sucked back through a hose to the blasting equipment where it can be used again.

In a nutshell, then, use of a magnetic drum separator extends the life of the grit and ensures that users do not blast clean surfaces with dirty blasting agent.

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