Displays and signs

A magnetic wall is an ideal, large display for quickly replaceable graphic prints, such as photos, illustrations, wall graphics or artist impressions. The magnetic wall forms the perfect base and can be used in shops, at trade fair stands and in public buildings.

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In-store graphics

The magnetic wall is a combination of lightweight ferrous PET film or ferrous film - on which you can place the prints - plus self-adhesive magnetic sheet to stick to the wall.

The result is always wrinkle-free and seamless.

Ferrous film is easily printable, lightweight and can be rolled up for mailing to the end user.

It is also easy to install without the use of tools, complex instructions or special expertise.

Magnetic sheet, tape & ferrous sheet
magneten voor stand- en interieurbouw

Writeable walls

How perfect is this: a chalkboard wall that magnets will also stick to. It’s possible with blackboard film. It has the look of a classic school board and the convenience of a magnetic whiteboard.

You can easily paste them to the wall using wallpaper glue. The material can be written on with blackboard chalk and erased with a damp cloth.

You can attach notes, drawings, photos, posters or other items with special strong magnets.

Ferrous sheet
magnetic chalkboard walls

Magnets for mounting

In shops or public areas, pot or mounting magnets can attach signs and displays to any steel surface. And as a ceiling hook, they keep directional signs and advertising signs in clear view.

You can easily attach and move these magnets without leaving any holes or scratches.

With magnetic plates or pot magnets, you can temporarily attach driving school advertising, flashing lights or other objects to car roofs.

Driving around with advertising only when you wish to do so, is made easy when you mount it with flexible magnetic sheet plates.

Mounting magnets
ceiling magnets

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