Foodstuffs industry

Metal food contamination results in costly production downtime, damage claims and product recalls. Magnets remove these unwanted metal parts, such as iron, but also stainless steel AISI304 and AISI316.

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Tramp metal

Tramp metal parts can end up in foodstuffs such as baby food, fruit juice, frozen or canned vegetables, herbs, spices, flour, sauces, grain, powdered milk, sugar or chocolate during the production process.

Filtering & separation
Magnet filters for spices | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnet systems

Strong magnetic filters remove ferrous particles and stainless steel, such as AISI304 and AISI316-L from foodstuffs.

Goudsmit is engaged in continuous research into the efficacy of various magnet systems. With advanced 3D computing software and a powerful test centre, we continue to optimize our systems.

To date, most suppliers have focused on field intensity, the flux density in gauss or tesla.

Our years of experience have shown that this is not a guarantee of good metal separation.
See blog: 'Why do you have to measure magnets?'

Getting metal out of food

For ferrous particles, we optimize our magnetic bar systems to obtain the most effective bar diameter, magnet quality, pole thickness, and distance between the bars.

We know, for example, that some stainless steel particles can already be captured with an air gap of approximately 11 mm, but that the result is much better if the particles make contact with a magnetic bar.

For example, AISI316L particles can only be captured if these particles actually touch the magnetic bar.

Filtering & separation
magnetic filter for very fine iron and stainless steel particles


Separation yield is extremely important for quality assurance managers.

Our product developers like to work with them to further improve our magnet systems and the separation yield.

Goudsmit bases its designs for foodstuffs and chemicals on these EHEDG standards and was even the very first magnet supplier to join EHEDG.


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