Magnetic technology helps you automate production and assembly processes of steel products and semi-finished products. Goudsmit supplies various magnet systems that contribute to an efficient, safe and reliable production process.

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Challenges in industrial automation

To stay ahead of the global competition, it is necessary to make production processes ever better and more efficient.

Mass production is increasingly giving way to on-demand customized products. This requires flexible production cells that you can quickly switch to a different product variant. The aim is:

  • higher yields
  • faster production
  • shorter delivery times
  • safe work environment
Gantry with magnetic grippers for handling and packing steel profiles | Goudsmit Magnetics

Gantry with magnetic grippers for handling and packing steel profiles

Higher yields with fewer people

On a global scale, manufacturing industry can only be successful if it uses efficient production methods, with minimal labour costs. This can be done by automating repetitive work. In the production of steel or ferrous metal parts, magnetic force is the ideal way to achieve fast production cells.

Profit from faster production

You rely on a reliable and accurate production environment. You can perform very fast actions using magnetic force. The right choice of magnetic tools and modules is essential.

Palletizing system for cans and aerosols | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnetic handling of cans and glass jars with steel lids

Standardization shortens delivery times

Your customers demand ever shorter delivery times. This requires a reliable production process where production stoppages are excluded. The use of standardized components and modules for automating the entire process is necessary here. You want a supplier who delivers directly from stock.

Fulfilling safety requirements

Safety is always a top priority in a production process. To provide your employees with a safe working environment, it is essential to use reliable tools and production equipment.

Goudsmit pays considerable attention to safety when developing parts for your production cells, in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

We are happy to use our specialist skills to help you

Our mission is to be the best partner for magnetic solutions, in order to realise the ideal production process together with you.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and know-how to face today’s challenges together.

Magnetic nail aligner | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnetic nail aligner

Optimize your production cell with magnets

Magnets offer surprising solutions for the handling, positioning, assembly and transport of products with ferromagnetic properties.
Goudsmit offers a wide range of standard magnets for use in production cells and assembly lines. Permanent magnets for fixing and holding, or switchable magnets for handling and positioning steel products.

Our team of specialists will be happy to help you optimize your production process using magnetic technology.
We also have a test and simulation centre. We can simulate and test your specific application in advance, verifying whether it will work in practice.

Magnetic mooring system for ferry | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnetic mooring system for ferry

Shorter cycle times through automation with magnetic force

When developing new magnetic modules and components, our engineers pay close attention to optimizing magnetic force with the correct distribution of magnetic poles.

Our specialists will design and build the optimal magnet system for you. One that will meet your requirements in terms of acceleration forces, cycle times and accuracy.

Safe and energy-efficient production with magnet systems

When developing magnets for handling metals, we place high demands on safety and durability. We use permanent magnets instead of power-hungry electromagnets whenever possible. In this way, we keep the energy consumption of our products low, and your investment is automatically sustainable. Permanent magnets are also extra safe because the magnetic force is always present. In the event of an emergency, for example, your products will remain fixed in position. This stands in contrast to vacuum technology, where expensive interventions are required to maintain the vacuum.

We extensively test our products in our own test centre, so that we can guarantee the correct functionality. We pay great attention to safety and endurance tests so that our permanent magnets really do have a long service life.

Delivery from stock with a global service

Our products help you to produce faster, safer and more sustainably. We keep an extensive range of standard products in stock so that you can quickly implement optimizations in your production cell.

And should you need help with installation, malfunctions or production downtime, our service engineers are always at the ready.

Magnetic timing belt with gripper and sheet separator for automatic sheet handling | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnetic timing belt with gripper and sheet separator for automatic sheet handling

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