Food liquids & pharma

From fruit juices and dairy products to mayonnaise, ketchup or peanut sauce: the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industry process various liquids, solutions and suspensions as an ingredient or end product.

These products must be pure and guaranteed to be free of iron particles, unwanted bacteria, fungi and other contaminants, such as metal.

How do you solve that?

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Getting metal out of liquids and emulsions

Liquids such as solutions, emulsions or suspensions arise from merging or pressing.

When merging all types of liquids with other substances, producers use pumps, grinders, mixers and homogenisers.

All of these processes can release very fine steel or stainless steel particles. These end up in the liquid.

In addition, loose metal particles can end up in the product flow during cleaning and maintenance. Such as parts of the machinery.

EHEDG magnetic filter

Every manufacturer in this delicate industry uses magnetic filters. This prevents damage claims, machine damage and product recalls.

Moreover, magnets guarantee a metal-free end product. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, a magnet also checks the quality of the product.

Magnets also provide a clear indication of deviations in the production process that produce an unusual amount of iron. This prevents damage to machines.

Hygienic (EHEDG) - Clean In Place
EHEDG magnetic filter with CIP cleaning

CIP cleaning

It is important that the cleaning of the production system is not hindered in any way. This is provided by the ultra-hygienic and EHEDG-certified magnetic filters we have developed.

They are suitable for Clean-In-Place cleaning and are also resistant to high and low temperatures and virtually all cleaning agents.

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