Meat & protein

In a country such as Japan, where high quality standards are applied to foods, almost all meat machines for grinding meat are fitted with magnetic filters.

Why is that?

  • 60 years of experience
  • Quality and reliability
  • Meet international standards on material safety
  • Certified and audited
  • According to your requirements

Getting metal out of meat ?

Small stainless steel particles from injection needles or scrapings from pumps are found in ground meat.

These particles are 0.5 mm or less and cannot be found by a metal detector.

Strong Neoflux® magnetic filters can capture these stainless steel particles.

Hygienic (sanitary)
Magnets for ground meat

Magnetic filter and metal detector

The combination of a magnetic filter and a metal detector guarantees completely metal-free foods.

In the past, European suppliers of meat products often only worked with metal detectors. The disadvantage of this is considerable rejections of products containing metal, such as sausages. That costs a lot of money.

Magnetic filters prevent product failure at the end of the belt and also recognise metal particles that are so small that a metal detector does not detect them.

Magnetic filters for pressure lines
Hygienic magnetic filter

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