Offshore & sustainable energy

Our clients in the wind energy sector greatly value expertise about, and experience in, the quality of materials and the applicability of magnetism.

We have this knowledge. Our magnetic components fully meet the strict requirements in terms of sizing and operation and have been thoroughly tested by our own quality engineers.

  • Accurate
  • IATF16949 and AS9120 certified
  • Certified and audited
  • Quality and reliability
  • 60 years of experience


Windmills have hundreds of pounds of permanent neodymium magnets.

It is important that these magnets operate optimally and come from a trusted supplier.

Goudsmit provides this guarantee. Using reliable measurements and thorough checking, our magnets meet the highest quality requirements such as IATF16949 and AS9120.

Permanent magnets
magnets for wind power

Mooring with magnets

In the offshore handling, switchable lifting magnets can be used for attaching and detaching walkways to oil drilling platforms. We also provide complete systems to moor bunker vessels and ferrys, as you can see in this film: https: //

Such systems make the traditional use of hawsers and winches unnecessary, and they also enable ships to raft together using high quality switchable permanent magnets.

Goudsmit also has demagnetizing equipment for eliminating magnetic fields from pipelines or pontoons. This is mainly necessary when welding is to be performed.

Lifting magnets & handling magnets
Ferry moors magnetically

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