Seed and grain industry

Bulk products such as grains, seeds, barley or corn contain post-harvest metal parts.

For further processing of these products, it is important to remove the metal parts immediately after they are picked up.

The quality of the raw materials forms the basis of the finished product; and the demands are increasing.

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Metal contamination

The assessment of the incoming material makes it clear whether you as a supplier have delivered on what was agreed.

The timely removal of unwanted metals prevents metal contamination of products.

The consequences of this contamination are often difficult to predict. Think of end-user damage claims. Or costly product recalls that damage your reputation.

But also disruptions, wear or damage to the machinery that cause stoppages of entire production operations as well as delays.

Magnetic filtering
grains and seeds


Goudsmit offers a customized magnet solution for each product and associated transportation. Whether it be the loading or unloading of ships, tanker trucks or silos.

Of course we take into account the product’s properties, the level of contamination, the speed of flow, discharge, cleanability and the accessibility of the systems.

Magnetic separator

We have designed a special magnet, namely the high gradient drum magnetic separator for removing metal particles from seeds. It distinguishes the good, healthy seeds from unusable seeds. Its functionality is based on the use of a strong separation roller.

The seeds are first dipped in a bath of Fe powder and then washed and dried. Any open seeds pick up iron particles, and become magnetized. The particles that are in good condition and still shut, remain metal-free.

With just a small investment, you will be able to quickly and easily improve the quality of your bulk flow finished product, including maize, grain, malt, barley, sugar, cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, rape seed, tapioca or soya.

Drum separators
magnetic separator for seeds and grains

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