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Aerospace / Aviation

Aerospace & Aviation

Goudsmit’s attainment of the AS9100 certification makes us one of the few European suppliers qualified as a supplier to the aerospace industry. Aerospace applications that make use of permanent magnets and high-quality magnet systems include sensors, actuators and electric drives. Electric drives are increasingly replacing traditional combustion engines, making this a growing market in the aerospace industry too. Goudsmit is responding to these developments and particularly stands out from the competition in the areas of magnetic calculations, magnetic measurement, quality control and product development. This ensures that magnets meet quality and safety requirements on all fronts. We are not only AS9100 but also ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified. Goudsmit delivers these magnets to the automotive (Tier 1), medical, greentech and oil & gas industries too.


Goudsmit Magnetics joined NAG, the trade association for the Dutch aerospace and airport development sector. Members are supported through the development of expertise, advocacy, access to the national and international markets, and an extensive network. NAG members are active in aircraft maintenance, aircraft manufacturing, airport development & infrastructure and all related services. NAG’s mission is: continuous optimization of the ability of the Dutch aerospace industry to compete internationally.
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Neodymium magnets (rare earth)

Neodymium-Ferro-Boron (rare earth) magnets are delivered by Goudsmit under the brand name Neoflux®. It is the most powerful magnet, with a very high energy product.

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Samarium-Cobalt magnets (SmCo)

Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo) magnets have excellent magnetic characteristics, a low temperature coëfficiënt and high stability.

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Plastic-bonded neodymium magnets

Plastic bonded neodymium magnets can be manufactured in complex forms by means of pressing or extruding.

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Ultrasonic welding of magnets

Ultrasonic welding is a means to encapsulate magnets or provide a casing. It is a welding technique in which objects are joined using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.

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Gluing magnets

Goudsmit regularly uses adhesives for product assembly. We know exactly how much to use and the best curing process, both of which are essential to ensure the product functions correctly.

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Overmoulding of magnets

Magnets are overmoulded when they must be completely covered for environmental reasons. This is an excellent technique for securely assembling parts.

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Injection moulding of magnets

Injection moulding is usually used to join magnets and plastics without gluing. This is a technically advanced solution that requires precision moulds and magnets. Goudsmit has what it takes.

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Assembling magnets mechanically

Press fits and screws are some non-risky methods for assembling magnetic systems. Mechanical assembly is sometimes preferable, because it is easy to test and inspect.

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