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Magnet assemblies

The modern production and assembly facilities of Goudsmit offer all the possibilities for building, testing and measuring of prototypes.
The demand for complete systems, in which magnets are processed, is growing steadily and that requires specific expertise in the field of magnet technology.

Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies has both the right professionals and the experience to develop and implement high quality technical solutions with magnetic technology.

Goudsmit not only delivers magnets from stock but also offers custom-made solutions. Completely in accordance with customer specification, based on the magnet assemblies already available at your place. Some examples of applications for which Goudsmit has developed custom-made magnet assemblies.


Ultrasonic welding of magnets

Ultrasonic welding is a means to encapsulate magnets or provide a casing. It is a welding technique in which objects are joined using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.

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Gluing magnets

Goudsmit regularly uses adhesives for product assembly. We know exactly how much to use and the best curing process, both of which are essential to ensure the product functions correctly.

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Overmoulding of magnets

Magnets are overmoulded when they must be completely covered for environmental reasons. This is an excellent technique for securely assembling parts.

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Injection moulding of magnets

Injection moulding is usually used to join magnets and plastics without gluing. This is a technically advanced solution that requires precision moulds and magnets. Goudsmit has what it takes.

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Assembling magnets mechanically

Press fits and screws are some non-risky methods for assembling magnetic systems. Mechanical assembly is sometimes preferable, because it is easy to test and inspect.

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