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Short description

Goudsmit regularly uses adhesives for product assembly. We know exactly how much to use and the best curing process, both of which are essential to ensure the product functions correctly.

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  • Suitable for practically all materials
  • Heating rarely necessary
  • Correct choice of adhesive important
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Gluing magnets

Detailed product description

One of the assembly techniques that Goudsmit provides is gluing magnets.
In contrast to welding and soldering, gluing is a joining technique that is suitable for connecting almost any materials together. Moreover, the materials to be joined do not have to be heated during gluing. This applies to all but a few applications, in which the curing takes place in an autoclave; this is seen in the aircraft building industry, for example.

Important factors for achieving a good adhesive connection are the choice of glue and a carefully controlled gluing process.
We have years of experience, so there is no other supplier that can provide better results.

The gluing process consists of:

  • cleaning the substrates (the surfaces);
  • making the substrates suitable;
  • applying the adhesive;
  • the chemical reaction of the adhesive.

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