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Short description

Ultrasonic welding is a means to encapsulate magnets or provide a casing. It is a welding technique in which objects are joined using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.

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  • High-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibration
  • Suitable for metals and plastics
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Ultrasonic welding of magnets

Detailed product description

Ultrasonic welding of magnets is a welding technique Goudsmit uses to join objects using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.
In this welding process we use powerful, concentrated, high-frequency pulses of acoustic energy to fuse together plastics or metal foils that are pressed together. The energy level is not high enough to actually melt the material; the combination of applied pressure and bombardment with acoustic energy is, however, sufficient to cause the molecules or atoms at the surface of the materials to vibrate so intensely that they fuse together.

It is possible to weld both metals and hard and soft plastics with this method.
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