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Permanent magnets

Permanent magnets play an important role in our modern, high-tech living environment. They are indispensable in electrical engineering, with applications in dynamos, motors, relays and sensors. The use of permanent magnets has also grown enormously in the automotive, aerospace, medical and offshore industries in recent years. Consider applications such as hybrid powertrains, airbags, ABS systems, operation of navigation and entertainment equipment, lane departure warning systems and a variety of sensors. Goudsmit is ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 (Tier 1) and AS9100c certified. Few other European companies can claim to have AS9100c certification. Our magnets therefore meet quality and safety requirements on all fronts.

The number of applications is still growing daily. Moreover, the alternative energy sources (wind, solar and water power) are a steadily growing market for the use of permanent magnets. Goudsmit is ISO9001, ISO/TS 16949 (Tier 1) and as one of the few magnet suppliers in Europe also AS9100c certified.

Traditionally AlNiCo and ferrite were the most common types, but demand for ever smaller and more powerful magnets has led to the development of new kinds of magnets based on rare earth metals. These include samarium cobalt (SmCo) and neodymium (NdFeB), both of which produce tremendous magnetic force even in small sizes. Many different types are available.


Neodymium magnets (NdFeB)

Neodymium-Ferro-Boron (NdFeB) magnets are delivered by Goudsmit under the brand name Neoflux®. It is the most powerful magnet, with a very high energy product.

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Samarium-Cobalt magnets (SmCo)

Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo) magnets have excellent magnetic characteristics, a low temperature coëfficiënt and high stability.

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AlNiCo magnets

AlNiCo magnets are made of Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt. Most AlNiCo magnets are cast. This can take place in complex forms.

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Ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnets or ceramic magnets are the most used magnets. The applications of ferrite magnets are very broad.

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Plastic-bonded neodymium magnets

Plastic bonded neodymium magnets can be manufactured in complex forms by means of pressing or extruding.

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