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Short description

With the optical 3D scanner the full geometry of an object can be measured, analysed and recorded with perfect accuracy.

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  • Accurate 3D measurements and analysis
  • Detailed, high-resolution scans
  • Rapid data collection
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Clear reporting
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Gom Optische 3D scanner

Detailed product description

The GOM optical 3D scanner is an advanced measuring instrument that literally adds a new dimension to measurement technology. Rather than just measuring individual points, the entire geometry of an object is accurately plotted in a point cloud or polygon mesh. Therefore we can capture much more data that is relevant to our customers than is possible with the traditional static coordinate measuring machine (CMM). This data has many uses, including:

  • QA release of incoming products;
  • determining in the design stage whether the product will fit the matching part;
  • identifying where any adjustments are required;
  • generating an easily understandable measurement report, including statistical data.