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Short description

Using the permagraph we determine the exact magnetic properties and compare them to the required specifications.

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  • Insight into the Br, HcJ, HcB and BHmax of the material
  • Relationship between flux density and field strength
  • Generates hysteresis or BH curve
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Permagraph 1

Detailed product description

With the permagraph we determine whether magnetic materials meet the required magnetic specifications. We use the data to create a hysteresis curve, from which we can derive a lot of information about the magnetic properties of the material. A hysteresis curve shows the relationship between the induced magnetic flux density (B) and the magnetic field strength (H). The hysteresis curve is also often called the BH curve.

The curve is generated by measuring the magnetic flux of the magnet while the magnetic field strength is changed. Once the hysteresis curve has been made, the magnetic properties Br, HcJ, HcB and BHmax can be read off.