Mechanical assembly of magnets

RobofrOK stands for First Run OK and is the name of our dedicated production area.

Here we assemble mechanical magnet systems and magnet components that have to meet high quality requirements.

Magnetic assemblies | Goudsmit Magnetics

How do we control mechanical assembly?

We test and assemble magnetic components in our specially equipped production area RoboFroK.

  • Assembling the magnets takes place at a constant temperature and with the correct humidity.
  • Through various production methods, material choices and magnetic alloys, we produce custom-made magnet assemblies.


For cost-effectiveness, our skilled workers have studied the mechanical assembly processes and know how to minimize failures and rejects. By working with the right suppliers and by sharing knowledge, we know how to apply specific connection methods perfectly.

Press fit and screws

The use of magnet systems with press fits and screws reduces assembly operations. This ensures savings in the production chain.

press fit is a coupling in which a shaft is pressed into a hub. Assembling products with magnetic systems with press fits and screws is easy. The quality and operation of the final product can be determined by means of tests and checks.


Magnet systems with press fits and screws offer a solution for critical product and/or process issues. These magnet components are easy to use and save you time and money.


We have a standard range of pot magnets and also deliver custom-made magnets.


Interested in mechanical magnet assembly?

Take advantage of our knowledge, skills and expertise for magnet components with press fits and screws.

Please contact us for advice or a quote.

E-mail or call our magnet experts on +31 (0)40 221 3283.


Safe and reliable magnets

Reliability, quality and safety start at the source.

That’s why we work with a network of inspected and certified manufacturers and suppliers. We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001; IATF16949; AS9120. We guarantee the traceability of all our magnets.


Magnets that:

  • meet the right magnetic specifications
  • are high-quality and reliable
  • are certified and inspected


Goudsmit Magnetics, because a magnet is always part of a bigger picture!