Rubber coated magnet assemblies

Hygiene requirements, protection against moisture and dirt or more grip are reasons to give a magnet assembly a rubber coating.

Magnet assembly by overmoulding with rubber coating | Goudsmit Magnetics

Fully rubber coated magnet

The overmoulding of magnet assemblies with rubber is a durable way to reliably bring together different parts.

In the magnet rubberizing process, we often use a polymer to make the magnets waterproof, dust-free and rough. It is necessary to use a die.


There are many different polymers. The choice of polymer depends on the application and use of the magnet assembly.


  • Our specialists have studied the application of polymers and magnets. This is the only way to achieve optimally functioning magnet components.




Complete or semi-finished magnet assemblies

We make complete magnet systems and magnet components for use in your own product or manufacturing process.

In many cases, aggregation of assembly operations results in a cost saving.


Our team of experienced engineers examines which magnet assembly delivers the right magnetic performance for you while contributing to cost savings and longer service life.

  • Through various production methods, material choices and magnetic alloys, we produce custom-made magnet assemblies.


Interested in magnets with rubber?

Take advantage of our knowledge, skills and expertise in rubber coated magnets and magnet components.

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Safe and reliable magnets

Reliability, quality and safety start at the source.

That’s why we work with a network of inspected and certified manufacturers and suppliers. We hold the following certifications: ISO 9001; IATF16949; AS9120. We guarantee the traceability of all our magnets.


Magnets that:

  • meet the right magnetic specifications
  • are high-quality and reliable
  • are certified and inspected



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