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Office / warehouse

The office is a place where lots of information is collected and distributed. Goudsmit has come up with practical magnetic solutions, for daily use. Sturdy magnets that organize and hold anything you like on steel cabinets, desks, and door and window frames. Magnetic hooks and wall magnets, specially made for steel walls that may not be damaged by drilling or screwing. And also for presentation and planning: memo magnets, magnetic strip, and letters for whiteboards.

For your logistics organization Goudsmit has developed magnets to quickly and easily organize your warehouse. Magnetic labels (possibly with barcodes), signboards, profiles and labels. All easy to place, write on and swap out.

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Standard whiteboard magnets

Want to order round, square or rectangular memo magnets? They are available in four colours from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. With standard or extra strong magnet.

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Steel whiteboard magnets

Easily hang your construction plans or other large documents with super strong Neoflux® (NdFeB) magnets and glass board magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Design.

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Strong whiteboard magnets

Super-strong memo magnets are extra strong and powerful enough to hold even large construction plans in place. See all the possibilities here.

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Wall magnets

With wall magnets you can easily affix advertisements or heavy objects such as whiteboards, paintings, displays and panels to steel walls, cabinets or car roofs.

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Magnetic picture hanger

Magnetic painting hooks are made of steel or plastic and are fitted with a hanging hook. The paintings can be hung from a cord on the back side. Available in various sizes and strengths.

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Magnetic holder for fire extinguisher

With this magnetic holder you can quickly and safely mount your fire extinguisher in accordance with NEN standard 4001. The solid magnetic hanger holds 25 kg and attaches magnetically to any steel surface.

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Magnetic tool holder & bar

A solid, safe, ready-to-use system for hanging tools. The magnetic tool holder is a good solution.

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Steel hanging & ceiling magnets

Goudsmit Magnetic Design offers extra strong, round ceiling magnets. The magnets are fitted with a steel hook, slot or hanging eye and are extra strong due to the steel shell.

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White and coloured magnetic sheets

Flexible magnetic film is also available from Goudsmit Magnetics in white or other colours. This magnetic film adheres to any steel surface and can be printed in full colour.

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Whiteboard magnetic sheets

Special magnetic film for whiteboards is available from Goudsmit Magnetics. It has a special coating, making it suitable for use with whiteboard markers.

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Neodymium magnetic sheets

Order extra strong magnetic film with neodymium (NdFeB) magnetic material. The high holding power and magnetic properties make this product suitable for a huge range of applications.

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Ahesive magnetic strips

You can order white or coloured magnetic strip by the roll from Goudsmit Magnetics. Use it for a whiteboard, warehouse shelving or other steel surface.

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Magnetic coat hooks

Magnetic coat hooks are ideal for use at home or in the office. We deliver stylish, practical magnetic coat hooks with a pull force of up to 18 kg. See all the possibilities here.

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Magnetic strip bulletin board

Easily hang your photos, notes, announcements and posters with the memo strips from Goudsmit Magnetic Design, which have a self-adhesive foam layer. Suitable for any smooth surface.

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Ferrous film

Order ferrous film, the ideal counterpart for magnetic film, from Goudsmit Magnetics. Ideal for use as a memo board or for stand construction and exhibition displays.

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