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Magnetic foil and rolls

Magnetic foil on a roll or sheet is an exceptionally flexible material. You can write on, print, slice or cut this magnetic rolls – whatever you like. With magnetic foil and magnetic rolls the possibilities are endless. The potential applications and uses of flexible magnetic sheets or magnetic rolls are too numerous to mention. Want to learn more? Contact the specialists at Goudsmit Magnetic Design or request a quotation.


Adhesive magnetic sheets

Order natural coloured or selfadhesive magnetic film, from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. It has innumerable applications and uses, for industry, production, advertising, etc.

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White and coloured magnetic sheets

Flexible magnetic film is also available from Goudsmit Magnetic Design in white or other colours. This magnetic film adheres to any steel surface and can be printed in full colour.

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Whiteboard magnetic sheets

Special magnetic film for whiteboards is available from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. It has a special coating, making it suitable for use with whiteboard markers.

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Neodymium magnetic sheets

Order extra strong magnetic film with neodymium (NdFeB) magnetic material. The high holding power and magnetic properties make this product suitable for a huge range of applications.

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