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Short description

Special magnetic film for whiteboards is available from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. It has a special coating, making it suitable for use with whiteboard markers.

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  • Writable with whiteboard marker
  • Reusable and dry erasable
  • User-friendly
  • By the roll or to your custom specifications
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Whiteboard magnetic sheets
  • Magnetic calendar
  • Flexible memoboards silicon
  • Flexible whiteboards trendel

Detailed product description

Goudsmit Magnetic Design has a unique product in its selection: Magnetic whiteboard film: a film with a special coating so the product can be written on with whiteboard pens and is dry erasable. A rewritable magnet for professional use. Goudsmit sells this material by the roll and by the sheet.

Printed with logo, advertisement, photo or slogan, calendar or yearly planner, this rewritable magnet has numerous applications. Because the back side is magnetic, the film adheres to any steel surface.


PriceStockArticle numberArticle numberSize roll lenghtWidthThickness
More informationRequest an offerGMA22010K100005110 m1000 mm0.6 mm