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Magnets for mounting & suspension

Super-strong wall magnets, magnetic hooks, picture hangers and suspension magnets

How do you save time and money on assembly work?

Hanging objects with magnets is incredibly fast. Moreover, you don't need an installer. Wall magnets, magnetic hooks and suspension magnets make it easy to hang objects without tools.

The magnets can be used on any steel surface. Examples include divider walls, drop ceilings, office cabinets, construction beams, whiteboards and file cabinets. Moreover, the magnets are easy to move and remove. There is a suitable magnet system for every object with the right magnet force and vertical holding strength.

Need advice? or call our magnet experts: +31 (0)40 221 9015.

magnets for wall and ceiling

How do you hang something without drilling, screws or nails?

With a wall magnet, magnetic picture hanger or magnetic hook you can magnetically hang paintings, photo frames and objects without having to drill. There is no need for nails, plugs or screws.
Magnets retain their holding power, unlike Velcro and self-adhesives. Furthermore, they leave no holes or other wall damage behind when moved or removed. We have magnetic systems that can be applied horizontally or vertically to any steel surface.

Which magnet should you choose to hang your product?

Our magnet expert will assist you in choosing the correct magnet strength for your magnet application. We have magnets for ceilings, walls and as a coat hook. Use your own creativity and insight to hang and fasten all kinds of objects with magnets.

Make your choice here:

Need advice? or call our magnet experts: +31 (0)40 221 9015.

How can you safely hang a painting or photo frame on a steel partition wall?

If drilling or screwing in steel divider walls is not allowed or not possible, magnets are an excellent solution. With our magnetic picture hangers you can easily hang paintings, photos or other things.

The specially designed magnet systems with rubber film prevent scratches while also ensuring that products do not slide down. Not just magnetic force but also vertical holding strength ensures a safe product. With a hook, adhesive strip, threaded hole, screw threads or other fastening system you can make any connection between product and magnet.

For hanging small objects such as photos, pictograms, drawings or LED strips we sell self-adhesive magnetic tape.

Magnetic picture hanger

Easily create a wardrobe on any steel surface

With a magnetic coat hook you can make a wardrobe on any steel surface in no time at all. For example, on a steel office cabinet you can simply click the coat hook magnetically in place. Moving or removing are also done in a jiffy. Your jacket hangs neatly where you want it.

The coat hook with magnet even holds heavy coats and leather jackets neatly in place. The magnetic coat hooks are super strong: holds up to 18 kg. No need to drill holes or use screws.

A steel office cabinet is not the only option, because a drawer unit, steel divider wall, steel door or beam also work perfectly as attachment surface. A magnetic hook also works great on a flat design radiator. That way your wet clothes dry a lot faster.

The magnets are covered with a special coating to prevent damage to the surface. It also ensures that the hook stays nicely in place and never slips.

There are large and small models of magnetic coat hangers for hanging up a jacket, bag, tie or towel. Can be used in any room where steel is present: from office to kitchen to warehouse.

Goudsmit Magnetics has a range of magnetic hooks and magnetic coat hooks you can use to quickly make a wardrobe, coat rack or hanging hook anywhere you like, without drilling.

Magnetic coat hook


Wall magnets

Strong magnet systems for attaching and hanging various heavy objects, such as whiteboards or paintings. Due to the powerful system, you can rest assured they will remain securely in place.

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Magnetic coat hook & hanger

Magnetic coat hooks and clothing hangars are ideal for use in the office or at home. Stylish, strong, practical magnets with a pull force of up to 18 kg. See all the possibilities here.

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Ceiling magnets

The ceiling magnets from Goudsmit Magnetics can be used for displaying and presenting promotional material. They can be made of steel or plastic.

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