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Short description

With this magnetic holder you can quickly and safely mount your fire extinguisher in accordance with NEN standard 4001. The solid magnetic hanger holds 25 kg and attaches magnetically to any steel surface.

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  • Strong magnetic steel sheet
  • Moveable, reusable and non-scratch
  • Holding force 25 kg
  • Dimensions: 160 x 500 mm
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Magnetic holder for fire extinguisher
strong Magnetic holder for fire extinguisher

Detailed product description

By hanging a fire extinguisher you ensure safety at any location within your company. You can turn to Goudsmit Magnetic Design for a fire extinguisher holder consisting of a magnetic plate with hook. Designed for hanging the fire extinguisher on any steel surface, such as an office cabinet, partition wall or warehouse rack. The universal magnetic holder has a large magnetic bearing surface area of 160 x 500 mm and a strong hook for hanging the extinguisher.
You can magnetically attach, move and remove your fire extinguisher without drilling or screwing so no holes or scratches are left behind.

The magnetic fire extinguisher bracket measures 160 x 500 mm, can hold 25 kg and comes in the colour red.
The listed pull forces were measured on grade 37 stainless steel, 10 mm thick. The magnetic adhesive force in shear direction is lower and depends on surface characteristics and thickness of the wall.
Article number GM14809.


PriceStockArticle numberArticle numbersize /Holding force
magnetic holder for fire extinguisherMore informationRequest an offerGM14809160 x 500 mm250 N