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With wall magnets you can easily affix advertisements or heavy objects such as whiteboards, paintings, displays and panels to steel walls, cabinets or car roofs.

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  • Simple attachment
  • High shear force
  • Prevents scratching
  • For vertical and horizontal loading
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  • wall magnets rubber
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Detailed product description

With wall magnets you can quickly and easily hang promotional material, displays, paintings, whiteboards and much more on a steel divider wall or cabinet, or even on the roof of your car. The rubber on these magnets has a strong anti-slip effect. They make a sturdy, handy hanging system that leaves the surface intact and can be easily relocated.
With the rectangular wall magnets it is possible to hang paintings, whiteboards or other heavy objects on steel divider walls or surfaces.

The new rectangular magnet systems have a very high pull force, even at a large distance from the steel. Due to the special rubber layer, the magnetic adhesive force in shear direction is much higher compared to our other anti-slip magnets. These systems are well suited for applications on curved, convex surfaces, such as on a wind turbine tower.
Goudsmit has various dimensions and versions.
The listed pull forces were measured on grade 37 stainless steel, 10 mm thick at room temperature. The magnetic adhesive force in shear direction is lower and depends on surface characteristics and thickness of the wall. White rubber magnets do have less adhesive force in shear direction than with black rubber magnets.

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