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Whiteboards, memoboards & notice boards

Goudsmit offers various solutions for creating a partial or complete magnetic wall. You can also turn to us for magnetic whiteboards and associated accessories. Magnetic boards made of steel, with or without frame, or made of flexible foil which gives you a rollable board: anything is possible. We can even print the boards with a logo, slogan or advertising text. These printed magnetic boards can be used for presentations or lean management so you can easily present processes visually.

You can also choose a complete magnetic wall for visuals that are easy to change, or magnetic paint or magnetic wallpaper. These allow you to create a complete magnetic wall without drilling or screwing, to which you can attach all sorts of things.

We deliver matching magnets in various standard colours and sizes, but also markers and erasers: all straight from stock. Contact our specialists for advice.


Magnetics walls

Easily make your walls magnetic so you can call attention to posters, notes or advertising material attractively, without drilling or screws.

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Whiteboard & notice board magnets

Attract attention to your memos, sketches and lists with the handy memo magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. Available in various shapes and colours.

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