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Whiteboard & notice board magnets

Whiteboard magnets & notice board magnets for use on planning boards and whiteboards, announcement boards, wall maps, refrigerators and all other steel surfaces. Whiteboard magnets are not only handy but also decorative. For use in offices, waiting rooms, public areas, kitchens and canteens. With notice board magnets you place your memos, sketches and lists where they won't be forgotten. Goudsmit Magnetic Design offers them in standard colours and shapes, direct from stock.


Standard whiteboard magnets

Want to order round, square or rectangular memo magnets? They are available in four colours from Goudsmit Magnetic Design. With standard or extra strong magnet.

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Steel whiteboard magnets

Easily hang your construction plans or other large documents with super strong Neoflux® (NdFeB) magnets and glass board magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Design.

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Strong whiteboard magnets

Super-strong memo magnets are extra strong and powerful enough to hold even large construction plans in place. See all the possibilities here.

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