3D flux measurement

It is not only magnetic strength that is important. With the 3D fluxmeter we measure the actual angular deviation of permanent magnets.

Because accuracy is paramount.

3D Fluxmeter for angular deviaton of magnets | Goudsmit Magnetics

What is the polarization of my magnet?

For the correct operation of your product, it is important that the magnet meets the required polarization orientation. Ideally, the border between the north and south poles runs exactly through the middle and perpendicular to the north-south axis.

With the 3D Fluxmeter and the right software, we measure the polarization of a magnet in 3 dimensions. With all the data obtained, we calculate the polarization orientation. Also known as the magnetic moment in X, Y, Z direction.

Next, we determine the deviation from the required specifications. We record all the measurements in a report.

  • By using 3D flux measurements, we only provide magnets that meet the required polarization orientation.


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Trust our expertise, because a magnet is always part of a bigger picture!


Why do we measure polarization orientation?

Reliable magnets are a guarantee of safety. For products such as sensors, actuators or electric motors, this is a demand.

  • For the correct operation of magnet sensors and actuators, it is important that the distribution between the north and south pole is accurately established and meets the desired specifications.

A sensor must not respond too early, and certainly not too late.

Sensors and actuators are present in lots of electronic equipment. Safety is the highest priority.


Determining the polarization orientation is part of a series of magnet measurements. Together they form part of the ISO/TS process.


We hold the following certifications: ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016. This makes us a reliable magnet supplier for the automotive, offshore, e-mobility, aviation and aerospace industries, the medical sector and sustainable technology.