Gauss meter / tesla meter

With a gauss meter - also called tesla meter or magnetometer - you measure locally - on the surface - the magnetic flux density in units of tesla, gauss, Ka/m or oersted. Flux density is a measure of the amount of magnetic flux through a surface. Goudsmit also conducts magnetic measurements on site if desired.

  • Measures strength of magnetic field
  • Deliverable from stock
  • Readout in various units
  • Accurate
  • Various functions
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Type : HG09

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Type : 3-Axis VGM

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Type : HG09

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Gauss meter measurements use the Hall effect as the measuring principle. The sensor captures the magnetic flux density that is perpendicular to the sensor plane.

The magnetic field generates an output voltage on the sensor, which is proportional to the product of the magnetic field strength and the induced current.

Type HG09: Basic version - 1D gauss meter

For measurement on a surface.

The basic version is a one-dimensional meter (1D) equipped with a single Hall sensor which measures the flux density in one direction.


Suitable for:

  • accurately measuring flux densities in one direction with a large range (max. 4.5 T)
  • both static and alternating fields and pulses
  • thanks to a thin measuring probe, measurements very close to the surface and in crevices
  • measurements of fields where the local field orientation is known.

This gauss meter is used to measure peak flux density of permanent and electromagnetic systems for inspections.

Gauss measurement 1D teslameter | Goudsmit Magnetics

Type 3 Axis VGM: 3D gauss meter

The 3D meter allows you to measure magnetic fields in a free space.

This gauss meter is equipped with three Hall sensors, which measure the flux density in three directions (x, y and z).


Suitable for:

  • measuring relatively low flux densities in three directions and the ensuing results - up to max. 80 mT;
  • scanning magnetic fields with a set alarm level.

Application examples:

  • determining safe distances in connection with exposure to static magnetic fields (medical implants, projectile hazards, pregnant workers);
  • measuring residual magnetism in products, for example before and after demagnetizing;
  • determining local field orientation of magnetic fields.

Gauss measurement 3D teslameter | Goudsmit Magnetics


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