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Switchable welding magnets

Welding magnets are used to temporarily secure steel objects in any desired position.
Holding workpieces in place is often useful when welding, grinding or polishing.

These switchable holding magnets are a quick and secure solution.

  • Switching: manual
  • Max. holding force: 4500 N
  • Magnet produces magnetic field on 3 sides

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4 variants

Max. holding force : 675 N

€ 44,00

SKU MS-8100494
Stock 59
Width 31 mm
Depth 48 mm

Max. holding force : 1800 N

€ 109,00

SKU MS-8100238
Stock 19
Width 42 mm
Depth 64 mm

Max. holding force : 2700 N

€ 164,00

SKU MS-8100106
Stock 41
Width 52 mm
Depth 75 mm

Max. holding force : 4500 N

€ 352,00

SKU MS-8100099
Stock 17
Width 72 mm
Depth 108 mm

Application of switchable welding magnets

Switchable welding magnets - or magnetic clamps - are ideal for quickly and temporarily positioning and securing steel workpieces.

This allows you to easily weld, grind or otherwise rework them.

Despite the powerful magnetic field - in 3 directions - when switched on, no residual magnetism remains after release.

Switchable welding magnet Magsquare

Switchable welding magnets have the following advantages:

  • they are compact;
  • they have a manually switchable magnetic field;
  • they can be used for many application;
  • they are magnetic on 3 sides;
  • they have a maximum holding force of 4,500 N.

Switchable welding magnet with flexible angel Magsquare


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