Holding force


Magnetic picture hangers

Hang without drilling and screwing.

Magnetic picture hangers hang objects up quickly. They work on any steel surface such as steel dividers, beams and cabinets. The surface remains intact. Tools are unnecessary.

  • Moveable, reusable and non-scratch
  • Attach without drilling or screwing
  • With anti-slip coating
  • Easy to install

4 variants

Size : 100 x 53 mm

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SKU GM14800
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Holding force 10 N
Material Steel

Size : 200 x 100 mm

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SKU GM14803
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Holding force 60 N
Material Steel

Size : 250 x 150 mm

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SKU GM14804
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Holding force 100 N
Material Steel

Size : 320 x 250 mm

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SKU GM14806
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Holding force 210 N
Material Steel

How can you safely hang a painting or framed photo on a steel partition wall?

If drilling or screwing in steel divider walls is not allowed or not possible, magnets are an excellent solution. With our magnetic picture hangers you can easily hang paintings, photos or other things.

The specially designed magnet systems with rubber film prevent scratches while also ensuring that products do not slide down. Not just magnetic force but also shear force ensure a safe product. With a hook, adhesive strip, threaded hole, screw threads or other fastening system, you can make any connection between product and magnet.

For hanging small objects such as photos, pictograms, drawings or LED strips, we sell self-adhesive magnetic tape.

Magnetic picture frame hook

Magnets or Velcro and self-adhesives?

Magnets retain their holding power, unlike Velcro and self-adhesives. Furthermore, they leave no holes or other wall damage behind when moved or removed. Hanging without drilling and screwing saves time.

magnetic picture frame hook steel

How is a picture hanger constructed?

The specially designed magnet systems are constructed of white painted steel with extra strong rubber magnetic foil. This prevents scratches and ensures the objects do not slide down. Not just magnetic force but also shear force ensure a safe product. The robust hook on which the object hangs is rounded and sits slightly forward. Our picture hangers are equipped with a tab in the bottom corner. They are easy to detach from the surface.

Steel magnetic picture frame hook


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