Hygienic magnetic filter keeps liquids and powders iron-free


The super strong magnetic filter for liquids ensures effective separation of very fine metal particles (from 30 µm onwards) from liquids and powders in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The hygienically designed magnetic separator contains very strong neodymium (NdFeB) magnets that separate even stainless steel wear particles from liquids and powders. The filter is suitable for pressure lines up to 10 bar, at temperatures up to 140°C. Manual quick cleaning is easy. The magnetic bars are encased in a sleeve or extractor that an operator can easily take apart, after which the metal particles can be rinsed off. The housing is optimally hygienically constructed, HDN welded and smoothly polished, so that no product remains after cleaning and bacterial growth is excluded. The magnetic filter can be used in pressure lines in the food sector and serves to defer ironing of products such as fruit or tomato juice, for example.


Most magnetic separators release the already captured iron particles when they come into contact with a sticky, or high-pressure raw material flow. The neodymium magnetic filter, however, retains these iron particles even under very high pressure (10 bar, tested up to 15 bar). This makes the system -with a magnetic value of 10,500 Gauss- particularly suitable for the separation of metal particles from various fluid flows, in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others. 

This magnetic filter is available in various standard versions, from DN40 to 125, and offers a choice of connection types.

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