Magnetic drum separators

Magnetic drum separators automatically and continuously separate large quantities of ferrous particles from bulk product flows. Several types of drum even separate weakly magnetic particles.

  • Pro hrubé produkty a tok sypkého materiálu
  • Vysoká kapacita (až 550 m³/h)
  • Vhodný pro ostré nebo abrazivní částice
  • Magnetický segment v rotujícím bubnu
  • Nastavitelné magnetické pole

Magnetic drum separators

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A drum magnet consists of a stationary magnet segment, around which a stainless steel shell with carriers rotates. The product flow falls over the shell, while the magnet attracts the ferromagnetic metal particles in the product. Carriers on the shell carry the captured metal particles to the underside of the drum, outside the magnetic field. There the separated particles drop off and can be collected and/or carried away. This is often achieved through use of a separation partition.

Through the use of various magnetic systems, it is possible to capture both ferromagnetic (‘strongly magnetic’) and weakly magnetic particles.