Engineering of complete magnet systems is a mega nice job

Job vacancy Design Engineering

'My name is Dennis van Diejen. I enjoy working at Goudsmit Magnetics for 11 years now; initially as Engineer Magnetic Recycling, but since a few years as Manager Design Engineering. In this position, I deal with various markets within Goudsmit, such as magnetic separation, handling, assemblies and recycling. 

The great thing about my job is that I supervise engineers who design complete machines. We don't just design one part, but see our own complete design come to life directly in production. I also like the fact that we have our own workshop, with which we are in daily contact, as well as with the sales department. That makes the job very varied and every day different.'

What makes working at Goudsmit fun? 
'Goudsmit is a well-organised company where, after 64 years, there is still a family atmosphere. Our Engineering team has good contact with each other not only at work level. After work we play sports together and I also see some colleagues privately.  Soon, I will go to a whiskey tasting with a few guys from our team, just to give you an example!  What I hear from new colleagues is that within our team there is a lot of willingness to help someone further. We take a lot of time for that. Anything goes! Moreover, the atmosphere is informal and there is a great deal of freedom. If you want to approach something in a different way and show your own initiative, we are always open to that'.

What systems do you work with? 
'We work with a CAD system called Inventor. This system is automated to such an extent that we can concentrate purely on designs and don't have to worry about things around it, such as writing parts lists. At the touch of a button, the workshop gets the complete picture. This way, you can really concentrate on your design.

Which developments in your field do you follow closely? 
'We currently have 4 pmc's (product-market combinations), with each engineer working for 1 pmc. I have always worked for recycling in my previous position. Development and exploration is mainly focused on the market you work for.  We are currently busy rolling out methodical product development, working together more in a multi-disciplinary team context.'

Do you take courses in your field? 
'At the moment I am not taking any targeted courses for my profession, although that option is always there at Goudsmit. But we did recently take a couple of specific courses as a team to move forward with a project: tolerance analysis and vibration analysis, to name just one example.  We learned a lot from that, because it was directly applicable to the project we were working on.'

What do you look for in a new colleague?  
'Personality is very important to me. Above all, our new colleagues must fit into the team. That is paramount. The team members are of course always involved in the job interviews as well. New employees get the chance to learn everything, but it is important that they fit into the team. The willingness to want to learn is most important. Just like cooperation.

And: are you still looking for new colleagues? 
Yes, definitely. Several even! Preferably with a mechanical engineering background and -some- experience.  You can apply via our 'working at' website.

How do you see your future within Goudsmit? 
'I know Goudsmit offers plenty of growth opportunities. I myself started as an engineer and am now Manager of an entire engineering department. Even the profession itself does not stand still and is always evolving, so there is plenty to do!'