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Direction of magnetization

Most permanent magnets available on the market are anisotropic, i.e. the magnet has a preferred direction of magnetic orientation and can only be magnetized along one axis. It is possible, however, to reverse the polarity of the magnet, which exchanges its north and south pole. Goudsmit has very powerful magnetization equipment with which permanent magnets can be magnetized to their maximum saturation.

Ferrite magnets are also available in isotropic versions, which can be magnetized in any direction. Segment-shaped ferrite and Neoflux® magnets are also available; these are radially anisotropic and can therefore only be magnetized in the radial direction.

Magnetic poles and field lines
Iron parts in direction of magnetic field lines

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Když je magnetický materiál natlačen do magnetického pole, nazývá se preferenčně orientovaným a anisotropním. Anisotropní materiál lze zmagnetizovat pouze v preferenční orientaci.