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Sauces, pastes & meat

In a country such as Japan, where high quality standards are applied to foods, almost all machines for grinding meat and mixings sauces are fitted with magnetic filters.
Why is that?

Remove metal contamination from sauces, pastes and meat ?

Small stainless steel contaminant particles from injection needles or scrapings from pumps are found in ground meat, processed sauces and pastes.

These particles are 0.5 mm or smaller, and can therefor not be found by a metal detector.

Strong neodymium magnetic filters can capture these stainless steel foreign bodies.

Magnets prevent metal parts in sauces | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnets prevent metal parts in sauces

Magnetic filter

The combination of a magnetic filter and a metal detector guarantees completely metal-free foods.

In the past, suppliers of meat products often only worked with metal detectors. The disadvantage of this is considerable rejections of costly products containing metal, such as sausages.

In addition, magnetic filters prevent product failure throughout the process. Our magnetic filters do not only recognise, but constantly remove metal particles from within the line; even particles that are too small for a metal detector to detect, let alone to remove.

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