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Ordering, paying and delivery

Everything about ordering, paying and delivery

Do the prices on the website include or exclude VAT?

The prices on our website are exclusive of VAT.


What is the minimum order value?

We do not have a minimum order value.


Can I buy on account?

Yes, we deliver on account under certain conditions. For more information, please contact our salespeople or representatives.


Which payment options do you accept?

Payment is only possible by bank transfer.


Who arranges the shipment of the goods?

Our customer service employees coordinate the transport with you. We arrange the transport to an address specified by you. Alternatively, you can organise the collection of the goods yourself from one of our Goudsmit branches.


Is my product in stock?

You can see this on the product page. You will always find the current stock status of the product here under the item number.


Is it safe to transport and export magnets?

Magnets are considered dangerous goods when it comes to air freight. Goudsmit transports its goods according to the IATA/DGR guidelines. They are properly ïmarked, packaged and declared. You can find all the information you need about the guidelines for the transport of dangerous goods on the IATA website.


All about our services

Can I have my magnets and magnet systems inspected and certified by you?

Yes, our experts carry out tests on magnets and magnet systems both at your location and at the test centre. For more information, please visit our website page on magnet inspections.


Can I contact you for maintenance on my magnets and magnet systems?

Yes, our skilled service engineers ensure that the magnet systems supplied worldwide continue to perform optimally. Yours too. For more information, please visit our website page on service & maintenance.


I need a magnet/magnet system design.

Please contact our magnet specialists for a magnetic design. You can find all the information you need on our product pages. Goudsmit designs and builds high-tech magnet components and industrial magnet systems according to your wishes. Our designers and engineers are happy to collaborate with you.


I need technical advice. Can you help?

Yes, if you want to be sure about the right magnet for your application, please contact our magnet specialists.


Can you help me with a magnetic calculation?

Yes, our specialists offer support and have built up extensive experience in carrying out FEM calculations. They use this to calculate, but also perform 2D and 3D simulations. For more information, please visit our website page on magnet calculations.


How long does it take before I receive a quote?

We aim to send you a quote within 1-3 business days.

Product information

All you need to know about our product range

Can I get a free sample of your magnets?

We are happy to supply you with samples of magnets, but for a fee.


Can I measure my magnets myself with a gauss meter?

A gauss meter - also called a teslameter or magnetometer - is suitable for measuring both static and alternating magnetic fields. You measure locally - on the surface - the magnetic flux density in the units of tesla, gauss, kA/m or oersted. Our video about measuring magnetic fields explains everything. It goes without saying that you can also engage our service engineers. Here is an overview of our gauss meter range.


What is the pulling force of a permanent neodymium magnet?

On our website page on permanent neodymium magnets, you will find the different qualities and properties. They are in the tables under the tab 'Neodymium quality and properties'.


Where can I find a user manual for my magnet system?

You will find the user manual for many magnet systems with the respective item number on our website under ‘More info’. These are listed next to the item specifications under the downloads tab. It goes without saying that you can also contact our specialists.


I need spare parts. Where can I find them?

You will find these with the relevant item number on our website under ‘More info’. These are listed next to the item specifications under the Accessories, Spare parts or Downloads tab.

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About us

Frequently asked general questions about our company

In which countries does Goudsmit have sales offices and agents?

You can find the various sales offices and representatives on our contact finder page. We deliver worldwide from Waalre, the Netherlands, and have offices and representatives in various countries.