Permanent magnets

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Permanent magnets are an essential component in many technical products. Therefore, optimal performance is necessary. It is important to choose magnets with the right mix of raw materials.
We supply permanent and plastic-bonded magnets made of ferrite, neodymium, samarium-cobalt and AlNiCo. Strong magnets that meet the right magnetic specifications, are reliable and of high-quality.

  • Certified and audited
  • Buy magnets online
  • Products and process applied with APQP PPAP
  • Meet international standards on material safety
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A magnet tailored to the product and application

Every permanent magnet has unique magnetic properties. The function of the magnet within your product determines which specific properties are necessary. This requires expertise. That is why we have a team of specialists who are familiar with your product and the characteristics of permanent magnets.

Controlled and certified suppliers

Reliability, quality and safety starts at the source. That is why we work with a network of audited and certified manufacturers and suppliers of permanent magnets. We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001; IATF16949; AS9100D. We guarantee traceability of all our magnets.

Permanent magnets that meet:

  • the right magnetic specifications
  • quality and reliability
  • certified and monitored
Tests and checks for continuous quality

Geometry, magnetic properties and polarization must meet the set requirements. Therefore, our QA/QC engineers continuously measure and calculate the quality of the supplied permanent magnets. For this purpose we have a test center equipped with the most modern techniques and software.

Permanent magnets and plastic-bonded magnetic materials

We supply permanent magnets made from:

  • ferrite
  • neodymium
  • samarium-cobalt
  • AlNiCo

We supply plastic bound variants:

  • plastic bound magnets of ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo

Choose from:

  • ring magnets
  • magnet blocks
  • cylinder magnets
  • disc magnets