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Magnets for handling are the solution for quickly and safely picking up, transporting, lifting or securing your steel products.
Magnetic product handling reduces both the duration and number of operations. Ideal for automating your processes.

On this site, you will find various magnet systems for the metal, automotive and robotic industries.

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Applications with magnets for handling, lifting, transporting and fixing

Magnets help you automate various processes.

Magnets for handling:
  • Automatic positioning of flat/formed or perforated steel sheets, or thick steel workpieces.
  • Separation of the top sheet of a stack. This prevents a robot from taking several sheets - thin or adhesive - at the same time.
  • Uniform alignment of nails or screws to reduce packaging volume.
  • Manual picking up of small workpieces. This is especially useful for repetitive operations. It prevents dirty hands and injuries from sharp burrs.
Magnets for lifting:
  • Moving heavy steel objects with a crane. For instance, lifting shafts from a storage bin or thick steel sheets from a cutting table.
Magnets for transport:
  • Automation of packaging lines: putting tins or glass jars with a steel lid in boxes or on pallets.
  • Horizontal, vertical of hanging movement or transport of steel products such as tins, lids, sheets, pipes and shafts over larger distances.
  • Horizontal or steeply sloping removal or transport of small, sharp objects such as punching waste, nails or screws. Without belt wear.
Magnets for fixing:
  • Easily securing moulds or workpieces for welding, grinding, polishing or assembly.