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Spices & herbs, coffee & tea, nuts

Spices, herbs, coffee, tea and nuts may contain post-harvest metal contaminants. Very high demands are set on these valuable and delicate products by both consumers and industrial users.
Foreign bodies and especially metal particles are completely undesirable. That is why magnetic separators are needed at several stages of the processing process.

Coffee intake

The first deferrization starts at the bulk intake. Coffee beans are often very contaminated with steel (iron or stainless steel) particles. These come with the product during harvesting, loading, unloading and transport.

The coarser pollution poses a major risk for the production machines. That is why we set up block or plate magnets, magnetic drums, magnetic head pulleys or overband magnets directly at the point of acceptance. This prevents damage to, for example, the burner drum or coffee roaster or grinding mill. 

Not only are the costs of repairing after damage or excessive wear and tear extremely high. But this also has consequences for the entire production process that is severely delayed as a result.

Magnets prevent metal parts in coffee and cocoa | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnets prevent metal parts in coffee and cocoa

During processing

During the production process, new particles or foreign bodies enter the product. As a result of natural wear, all processes cause very fine metal particles to enter the product.

It is important to remove these iron and stainless steel particles from the product as early as possible in order to prevent further contamination. This can easily be done by placing a magnet system that captures these particles after each processing phase.

An additional advantage is that the amount of metal particles often says something about the condition or wear and tear of the previous process.

This ensures that the manufacturer can intervene in a timely manner if it appears that an excessive amount of metal has been captured. For example, a bearing or a cylinder that starts to grind the product.

Magnet filters for powder | Goudsmit Magnetics

Magnetic filters separate tiny metal particles from powders

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