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Motors, drives, and control

With the arrival of the rare earth magnet material neodymium - NdFeB - many products have changed considerably, particularly in the electrical and electronics industry.

Motors and drives

Permanent neodymium magnets are widely applicable, such as in motors and drives. 

But refrigerators, audio/video equipment, microwave ovens, dishwashers, metal separators, switches, clamping systems, starter motors for cars, hard disk systems for computers, sensors, pumps and fans also have numerous magnets.

Permanent magnets

In any desired shape

The advantage of permanent neodymium magnets is the relative ease with which they can be processed. Whereas ferrite magnets usually have to be shaped in a mould, neodymium magnets can be sawn or milled to shape.


Furthermore, thanks to their high magnetic force they can be made smaller than the weaker ferrite magnets, which means that products such as electric motors can be made considerably lighter.

Magnet Measurements

Magnet measurements, especially in the automotive industry, provide the right guarantees.

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