Magnet calculations & simulations

Magnet calculations and simulations are the basis for choosing and designing the best magnet system. Want to know exactly what’s going on?

Our specialists work with the latest FEM software. They use this to calculate, but also perform 2D and 3D simulations. This provides you and us assurance about the operation of the system.

Fem Calculation and Simulation

FEM - Finite Elements Method

We invest in magnet calculation software. By using 3D calculations and simulations with the Finite Elements Method - FEM - at an early stage, we prevent design errors and gain direct insight into a well-functioning product.

Developing the right magnet is faster and better.

For a new or existing product, we save valuable time in the development path.

These magnets are applied in various devices such as:

  • control units for navigation
  • telephones
  • control buttons for household appliances, such as ovens and microwaves
  • high-tech applications, such as linear drives for position determination at high speed
  • magnet systems, such as magnetic grippers for handling sheet metal, magnetic filters in the food industry or metal recycling machines


Magnetic performance can be efficiently optimized with FEM.

Magnet material such as neodymium is precious. Therefore, it is especially important to make the best use of the magnets. Years of experience and knowledge of key factors play a part in our 2D and 3D simulations. Together with calculations, we accurately forecast how the magnet will behave in terms of:

  • depth of the magnetic field
  • peaks and troughs in the magnetic field over a surface
  • maximum force of the magnet on another ferromagnetic object
  • residual magnetism present when on and off for switchable magnets
  • separation of particles from a product flow of powder or chocolate, for example


This provides assurance about the proper operation of magnets in your product.

Producing optimally working solutions with magnets is our goal. Use the knowledge and skills of our magnet specialists.


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