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The Cobot Factory: The benefits of magnetic E-grippers

E-gripper cobot 1200 x 600

During an interview with Bas Hamers, founder and director of the Cobot factory, we asked him about his experience with the recently developed E-gripper and its application to Cobots. The Cobot Factory is a young company that makes collaborative robots (cobots)...

Super strong 10,000 gauss rotary cleanflow magnet at Cibus Tec

10.000 gauss cleanflow magnet

In response to several customer requests, we have developed a new 10.000 gauss rotating cleanflow magnet. It will be exhibited at Cibus tec in Parma Italy from 24 to 27 October (Hall 06, Stand G006). The very strong magnet separator filters magn...

New magnetic E-gripper at Blechexpo in Stuttgart

Magnetic E-gripper

For lifting,grabbing or positioning ferromagnetic products such as sheet steel in the automotive and steel processing industries, among others, we recently developed an electrically switchable magnetic gripper. This system does not require compressed air ...

Prevent metal contamination in food products with this step-by-step plan

Magnets in food

When it comes to protecting food from metal contamination, magnetic separation is a widely used and effective method in the food industry. Metal contamination not only contaminates your product, but can also cause serious damage to machinery. Rejected batches ...

Ferry in London moors magnetically

Magnetic gripper for mooring a ship | Goudsmit Magnetics

The recently developed intelligent mooring system from iDL, the intelligent Dock Locking System from Dutch company Mampaey Offshore Industries, is the world's first magnetic mooring system. It makes it possible for a London ferry to dock in just ten second...

EHEDG Magnetic filter with CIP/SIP cleaning for food

EHEDG magnetic filter with CIP cleaning | Goudsmit Magnetics

For the demanding food industry, we have developed a hygienic magnetic filter suitable for CIP/SIP installations. The filter is composed of strong Neodymium magnets that ensure effective separation of very small ferrous particles from 15µm onwards, weakl...

Goudsmit helps wind turbine builders choose the right magnet

Magnets for small windmills

Sustainable, CO2 neutral, green energy, self-sufficient, emission-free; terms that are impossible to imagine today's society without. These themes are directly related to wind turbines. Think not only of the large wind farms along motorways and in landscap...

Engineering of complete magnet systems is a mega nice job

Job vacancy Design Engineering

'My name is Dennis van Diejen. I enjoy working at Goudsmit Magnetics for 11 years now; initially as Engineer Magnetic Recycling, but since a few years as Manager Design Engineering. In this position, I deal with various markets within Goudsmit, such as mag...

Pot magnets, versatile in fastening and mounting

Pot magnets

Pot magnets are strong, compact and versatile fasteners that serve to quickly and easily secure, position, clamp, hang or close metal objects, such as doors, lettering, tools or machine parts. All this without drilling or screwing and easily movable! Pot magn...

FEM calculations accelerate product development


With FEM simulations & magnet calculations, we design the best magnet system for you. We combine your concept with our magnet knowledge and thus accelerate your innovation and development process. This saves you valuable time. In the new white paper, you c...

Customer-specific magnets for the automotive industry

Magnetic components for the automotive industry

Finding the right magnet for an electric motor, actuator or sensor can be a difficult and time-consuming process for automotive suppliers. In addition to supplying magnetic components and assemblies, we also offer services that speed up the time-to-market for ...

Special demagnetizing tunnel for Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit demagnetizing gas pipeline

12-metre tubes that need to be welded together to 24 metres and form a pipeline in the sea through which - in this case - gas flows is quite a job, but is daily business for Pioneering Spirit. The largest construction vessel in the world is owned by Swiss...

Modular overband magnet for mobile recycling systems

Overband ferrite for mobile recycling systems

At Recycling in Gorinchem (NL) -Stand F120  Goudsmit will show their recently developed range of mobile overband magnets. The modularly designed magnets remove iron particles from underlying material streams and are intended for mobile recycling syst...

New mobile magnetic sheet separator

Mobile magnetic sheet separator

The newly developed mobile, switchable sheet separator ensures fast and safe separation of adhesive or oiled steel sheets up to a thickness of approx. 4 mm. This avoids picking up two sheets at the same time. This actually disrupts the automated process and ca...

Double wall modular magnet filter for chocolate

Magnetic filter double walled for chocolate

The range of magnetic filters that Goudsmit  has been manufacturing for several years has recently been expanded with a modular, double-wall chocolate filter. The magnetic filter produced according to EHEDG guidelines is composed of Neodymium magnets that...