Let's celebrate : 30 years of Aimants Goudsmit France S.A.R.L.

Aimants Goudsmit France 30 years

In 2024, it will be 30 years since Aimants Goudsmit France S.A.R.L. was founded. This French sales office is part of the Goudsmit Magnetics Group, designer and manufacturer of high-quality magnetic products that, besides France, have been known in more than 100 countries worldwide since 1959.

Integration Goudsmit Magnetics Group offers even better service
During its 30-year existence, Goudsmit France maintained its own order and invoice handling. The anniversary, however, was the reason to proceed with full integration into the Goudsmit Magnetics Group, with the aim of offering you even better service.

Website, products, sales contacts and service remain the same for our French relations. The only thing that changes is billing.  Depending on the type of product or service, you will receive an invoice from one of the Dutch companies.  The details of these companies can be found on the website.

Our priority: the best magnetic solutions for you!
What remains paramount after this integration is our commitment to provide you with the very best magnetic solutions and to think along with you throughout the process. For questions about the transition, or any other question, please get in touch with your trusted contacts in France or the Netherlands.

We appreciate your trust in the entire Goudsmit Magnetics Group and look forward to further deepening our relationship in the future, in which we see it as our mission to continue offering you the best possible service.

Moreover, we wish you very happy days ahead and a very healthy, happy and successful 2024!

Team Goudsmit Magnetics