Safety tools

Do you work with magnets? Then we recommend keeping the calamity set within reach. With these non-magnetic tools, you can break strong magnets loose when they are stuck.

  • Does not adhere to magnet
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes
  • Deliverable from stock
  • Non-magnetic metal

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Non-magnetic tools

When working with strong magnets, it is a good idea to keep safety tools within easy reach. Strong magnets can only be loosened by using special tools that do not adhere to the magnet, in order to prevent further damage or injury.


Using magnetic tools such as rods, hydraulic jacks or iron tools can make the situation worse and make it harder to release your trapped finger, hand or limb, because these tools would stick to the magnet.


The emergency kit consists of a hammer, wedge and crowbar. Place the wedge under the magnet and use the crowbar and hammer to knock the magnet loose from the underlying surface or unwanted pinch point.

For more information, see the safety film or safety guidelines on this website.


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