Sheet separators

By using magnetic sheet separators - also called fanner magnets, or magnetic sheet fanners - you are assured that you pick up steel sheets one by one. This is essential because a “Double Blank” can cause significant damage to your valuable mould or production machine. Unstacking plates is not always easy, especially when the plates are oiled or have cutting burrs. In particular, the bottom plates of a stack are compressed so forcefully by the heavy weight that they adhere together and are difficult to separate.

Sheet separators are reliable and robust magnet systems that require little to no maintenance. They are available in different versions, such as permanent magnetic or switchable. The magnetic force remains undiminished, even after years of use. Magnetic sheet separators are able to effectively separate steel sheets up to 4 mm thick of almost any shape, length or width. Round or asymmetrical shapes are also possible.

  • A sheet separator for every sheet thickness
  • Avoid double/sticking sheets
  • No electrical connection required
  • Compact, easy installation
  • Robust build quality

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